Teng 39pc Mecca Pro TC-6T EVA Electrician Tool Kit

Product Code: TC-6TE06

$1,183.35 (Incl. GST)

TC-6TE06 | Teng 39pc Mecca Pro TC-6T EVA Electrician Tool Kit • Approved for live working up to 1,000 volts • Supplied in the unique TengTools TC-6T service case with the tools supplied in FOAM SERIES sets especially designed to fit the service case • Tools are hold in place using three colour pre-cut EVA foam clearly showing where each tool belongs • Hard wearing carrying case with distinctive branding • Robust moulded body with built in strength and durability • Handle on side make it easy to carry Content * TEFXV11 - Teng 11pc Plier and Screwdriver Set Insulated * TEFXV27 - Teng 27pc Socket & Torque Screwdriver Set Insulated • Plier • 7in Combination • 8in long Nose • 6in Side Cutter • 7in Wire Strip • Screwdriver • 2.5mm x 75mm Flat • 4.0 x 100mm RBD • PH1 x 80mm RBD • PH2 x 100mm RBD • PZ1 x 80mm RBD • PZ2 x 100mm RBD • Socket Insulated 3/8 inch Drive: 6 -20mm • Screwdriver Interchangeable Blades • 3 x 60mm Flat • 4 x 100mm Slim • 5.5 x 80mm Slim • 6.5 x 100mm Slim • PH1 x 80mm Slim • PH2 x 100mm Slim • PZ1 x 80mm Slim • PZ2 x 100mm Slim • Ratchet Insulated 3/8in Drive • 3 & 6in Extension Bar Insulated 3/8in Drive • Torque Screwdriver 1-5Nm 1000V • Voltage Tester