Schmick Mick Salt Destroyer / Engine Flush 5.0L

Product Code: SM1004-5

$99.00 (Incl. GST)

SM1004-5 | Schmick Salt Destroyer / Engine Flush 5.0L DESTROYS SALT Schmick Mick Salt Destroyer effortlessly breaks down and dissolves salt deposits, eradicating them from causing short and long term damage of your equipment. Schmick Mick Salt Destroyer can be used as an all-over spray or engine flush with our Salt Water Adaptor. Prevents the long-term damage that salt is infamous for causing, which includes expensive repairs and decreased performance due to corrosion and degradation. Serves as a shield, guarding your marine assets from salt's long-term destructive effects. Directions: To remove salt on the surface apply as an all over spray in a Foaming Gun or Cannon. For an engine flush add 40mls to the Salt Wash Adaptor and connect directly to the Jetski or engine muffs.