Schmick Mick Foaming Gun - Connects to Garden Hose

Product Code: SM2002
Next shipment: 24-May-2024

$89.00 (Incl. GST)

SM2002 | Schmick Foaming gun The Schmick Foaming Gun is a fantastic tool for performing a high-quality car wash in your driveway. This is a must have item for any vehicle lover or weekend driver thanks to its user friendly design and impressive foaming abilities. Step 1: Use the included connection to attach your garden hose to the foaming gun. The universal connector guarantees a tight fit, enabling you to begin foaming right away. Step 2: Pour Schmick Mick Blizzard Foam, Ceramic / Hydro Wash or Degreaser into the reservoir. Step 3: Use the adjustable knob on the pistol to change the foam concentration. The Schmick Foaming Gun gives you discretion over whether you want a dense, rich foam or a thinner layer of covering. Step 4: Apply all over Vehicle, Boat etc and the clinging lather work its magic to dislodge dirt, grime, and road pollutants, reducing the possibility of scratches or swirl marks. Step 5: Agitate foam with a clean sponge of cloth and rinse off the foam. The Schmick Foaming Gun guarantees a complete and effective washing that leaves no trace.