Schmick Mick Blizzard Foam Gun - Connects to Pressure Washer

Product Code: SM2004
Next shipment: 24-Apr-2024

$129.00 (Incl. GST)

SM2004 | Schmick Blizzard foam gun The Schmick Blizzard Foaming Cannon is the ultimate accessory for achieving a professional grade clean, the foaming cannon delivers incredible foaming action. The Schmick Blizzard Foaming Cannon is designed to create a thick clinging foam that encapsulates your vehicle, allowing the cleaning solution to penetrate deep into every crevice and effectively loosen dirt, grime, and contaminants. This ensures a thorough and efficient clean that leaves your car looking showroom ready. Connects directly to your Electric or Petrol washer and also comes with a Gernie or Karcher connection. STEP 1 - Add 3 to 4 caps full of Schmick Mick Wash Products ( Blizzard, Ceramic, Degreaser or Salt Destroyer ) STEP 2 - Fill remaining canister with water STEP 3 - Connect to Pressure Washer and foam away STEP 4 - Sponge in and hose off for the perfect clean Adjustable Foam Concentration, the Schmick Mick Blizzard Foaming Cannon's lets you find the ideal foam density. You have entire control over the foam concentration, allowing you to adjust the cleaning experience to your tastes, whether you prefer a thick foam blanket or a lighter coverage. The Schmick Blizzard Foaming Cannon's foaming action helps to effortlessly dislodge filth and grime, negating the need for strenuous vigorous agitation or scrubbing. This allows you to enjoy your spotless vehicle with less time and effort spent on cleaning. Achieve professional results in just minutes!